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Solar energy is the most popular renewable energy resource in the world. It has many beneficial applications, such as lighting, communications, and energy to run desalination appliances and systems.

  • More compact and lightweight;
    Zero emissions, eco-friendly;
  • Cost effective, less maintenance;
    More flexible charging;
  • Supports multiple charges.
they are compact, portable, efficient and easy to use.

These products are designed to be folded and stored for easy transport and convenient installation.

  • They offer excellent efficiency, producing up to 1000 watts per hour, which is enough to power a variety of devices such as cell phones, laptops and solar lights.
  • you can use it in public areas such as parks or roadsides as long as you are in compliance with local laws.
  • This system uses alternating current to transfer energy and guarantees a safe energy transfer rate from the sun to the collection units without failure or loss of energy.
  • Being portable allows you to use your solar panels wherever you need them, making them ideal for outdoor use.
plug in the green generator

powers your equipment like a gas generator, but without the fuel costs, noise and pollution.
Place it next to your tent, workshop or RV and you won't have to worry about toxic emissions.


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